Celebrating Ed.D.’s Capstone Projects and Proposals

This fall, the Ed.D. students have been working towards completing their capstone projects and research proposals as part of the Ed.D. course requirements.  Congratulations to the following students on their dedication to the program as they are one step closer to their degree.

Anthony MangiaficoAnthony Mangiafico, member of the ’15 Ed.D. cohort, successfully defended his capstone proposal on September 27th.  Anthony’s capstone seeks to center the narratives and experiences of Students of Color while currently pursuing their GED.

Dr. Fernández was his major advisor, and Drs. Woulfin, LeChasseur, Femc-Bagwell, and Weiner served on his committee.


Scott Hurwitz headshotScott Hurwitz defended his proposal in October 2017. His capstone research proposal examines the how and to what extent school leaders frame policy with a specific focus on Connecticut's anti-bullying policy. He will also study the factors that shape how leaders frame their policy messages.

Scott was also recently awarded to receive the 2018 AASA Educational Administrative Scholarship Award.

Dr. Cobb is his major advisor, and Drs. Woulfin and LeChasseur are his associate advisors.

Dana ZiterDana Ziter, member of the ’15 Ed.D. cohort, successfully defended her capstone proposal on November 7th.  Dana’s capstone assesses the impact of a new student advising protocol on UConn students currently on academic probation via a regression discontinuity design.

Dr. Cobb was her major advisor, and Drs. Dougherty, Higgins and Weiner served on her committee.

Gail Lanza, member of the ’15 Ed.D. cohort, also successfully defended her capstone proposal on November 30th.  Gail's capstone will focus on public elementary school teachers’ perceptions of their abilities to deal with student misbehaviors, their perceptions of student misbehaviors, and the strategies that teachers use to reduce feelings of burnout.

Dr. Woulfin is her major advisor, and Drs. Weiner and Gabriel are serving on her committee.