Spring 2018 Teaching Excellence Honorees

Congratulations to the following Spring 2018 EDLR Faculty who received the Teaching Excellence Honor by the University Provost’s Office:

Sandy Bell

Laura Burton

Miguel CardonaMiguel Cardona

Joseph Cooper

Anna Cutaia-Leonard

Morgaen Donaldson

Shaun Dougherty

Charles Dumais

Justin Evanovich

Michele Femc-Bagwell

Erica Fernández

Richard Gonzales

Preston Green

Robin Grenier

Kelly Lyman

Richard Schwab

Maria Sedotti

Howard Theiry

Danielle Upham

Jennie Weiner

Christine Wilson

Sarah Woulfin

Based on recent teaching evaluations, these individuals are among a select group of faculty who excel in teaching, which involves successfully engaging students and facilitates an environment of learning around a spirit of inquiry and intellectual curiosity. These educators are innovative and are consistently seeking new ways to improve as teachers.

Congratulations on this success as you continue to serve as a model for the students and peers within the department, keep up the outstanding work!