Sarah Woulfin

Woulfin on Coaching for Coherence

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Woulfin on a recent publication in EducatioDr. Sarah Woulfin, headshotnal Researcher titled “Coaching for Coherence: How Instructional Coaches Lead Change in the Evaluation Era“.  The abstract describes:

Instructional coaching has emerged as a prevalent and much-lauded instrument for capacity building. This essay argues that coaching can be aligned with teacher evaluation systems to work toward the effective implementation of instructional reforms, including Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Within the current policy context, coaching can support reform by (a) developing shared understandings, (b) modeling practices, and (c) brokering ideas. We discuss examples of coaches’ leadership actions related to the evaluation process, thus illustrating the potential for coaching to promote coherence in instructional improvement. We conclude by discussing barriers to the enactment of reform-aligned coaching as well as implications for leaders positioned at multiple levels of the education system.  For the full article, please visit the Educational Researcher.

Teaching Excellence Honorees

Congratulations to the following EDLR Faculty who received the Teaching Excellence Honor by the University Provost's Office:

DFLS-CooperSandy Bell
Laura Burton

Joseph Cooper
Morgaen Donaldson
Justin Evanovich
Michele Femc-Bagwell
Richard Gonzales
Preston Green
Robin Grenier
Marijke Kehrhahn
Sue Saunders
Howard Thiery
Sarah Woulfin

Based on recent teaching evaluations, these individuals are among a select group of faculty who excel in teaching, which involves successfully engaging students and facilitates an environment of learning around a spirit of inquiry and intellectual curiosity. These educators are innovative and are consistently seeking new ways to improve as teachers.
Congratulations on this success as you continue to serve as a model for the students and peers within the department, keep up the outstanding work!